Retail Touch - Converts your retail window into an Touch Pad!

Our 'Retail Touch' Technology

What is Retail Touch ?

Reatil Touch enables retailers to turn the very glass in their shop window into a dramatically effective interactive sales driver. Imagine passing consumers using a shop window as a tablet computer, tuned into the retailer’s own channel, able to browse life-size product images, interact with content and explore product detail. It’s not exaggerating to say that this product means consumers can even buy something, direct from the shop window, even when the shop is shut.

The innovative yet proven RetailTouch technology is fitted to the inside of any glass surface and creates a high definition interactive surface which can be as small as A4 to as large as several metres.

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  • Features & Options

    • Projection of dynamic content
    • Projects sound through the window front
    • Touch-based interactivity for consumers outside the store
    • Facial recognition technologies to identify age band and gender, capable of delivering target specific advertising, relevant content in a split second, as the high street shopper walks by the shop front window.