Intelligent Shelf digital Signage Advertising Kiosk

Interacive Shelf Kiosk Advertising Description

Actives on product pick-up

Our intelligent shelf works with our complete range of kiosks.

Upon product pickup by the customer, our kiosks will play unique video content for that specific product. Our shelves can be fully customised.

As with all our models, each of our units can be bespoke built to your product range. Please call for full details.

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  • Features

    • Interactive product shelf
    • Slim, 38mm profile with a black high gloss finish
    • Plays mp4 h.264 files or jpeg images
    • Crisp sharp HD or 4k images with sound
    • Environmentally friendly with a low power consumption
  • Pricing

    Please call for latest price, volume discounts available.

  • Branding, Installation and delivery.

    Branding: Kiosks can be branded to clients requirements.

    Installation: Fully installed and commissioned by our engineers.

    Delivery: Call to check stock levels.

  • Content

    Our media team can delvelop image and video content for your interactive shelk advertising kiosk.

  • Product Size

    Height: 182cm

    Width: 65cm

    Depth: 3.8cm

    Footprint: 71cm (width) x 40cm (depth)
    Plus the length of the interactive shelf.