Table Top Virtual Mannequin Presenter

Mini Virtual Mannequin Presenter Description

Counter Top Virtual Mannequin

Our little Virtual Mannequin Presenters are designed to be placed on counter tops and are tiggered by customers walking by. These unique Mannequin Presenters have been a big success engaging with customers and delivering a sales message.

As with all our models, each of our units can be customised to your requirements. Please call for full details on our bespoke mini Virtual .

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  • Features

    • These units are unqiue to Intelligent Kiosk
    • Motion senor to interact with passing customers
    • Slim, profile with 30cm size acrylic person
    • Plays HD mp4 h.264 files video files
    • Crisp sharp HD images with sound
    • Environmentally friendly with a low power consumption
  • Pricing

    Please call for latest price, volume discounts available.

  • Branding, Installation and delivery.

    Installation: Fully installed and commissioned by our engineers.

    Delivery: Call to discuss requirments.

  • Content

    Our media team can delvelop image and video content for your mini Virtual Mannequin Presenter.

  • Product Size

    30cm tall acrylic person.