Floor Standing Tablet Enclosures

Floor Standing Tablet Enclosures Description

Rotatable, Lockable Tablet Enclosure

This sleek, stylish lockable tablet enclosure is designed to house 'Ipad' and 'Samsung' tablets. These units are made from a combination of allumiun, Steel and ABS ensuring a modern, secure tablet enclosure with weighted floor stand.

Our floor standing enclosures rotate between landscape and portait views.

The enclosures come with a blanking mask to hide the home buttons on the tablet, disabling the tablet home buttons, but leave the front camera functionable.

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  • Features

    • Available in Black and White
    • Lockable enclosure
    • High gloss finash
    • Ipad and Samsung compatable
    • Choice of blanking masks available
    • Weighted base plate
  • Pricing

    Please call for latest price, volume discounts available.

  • Branding, Installation and delivery.

    Branding: Our enclosures can be branded to clients requirements.

    Installation: Fully installed and commissioned by our engineers.

    Delivery: Call to check stock levels.

  • Content

    Our media team can delvelop image and video content for your Tablet.

  • Product Size

    Height: 182cm

    Width: 65cm

    Depth: 3.8cm

    Footprint: 71cm (width) x 40cm (depth)