What Make our Advertising Kiosks Intelligent

'Intelligent' and 'Intelligent Plus' Advertising Kiosks'

What are Intelligent kiosks?

Our 'Intelligent' and "Intelligent Plus' Kiosks are a 4K LED monitor in a tailor made stand, capable of adding immense value to a wide range of retail and other public environments, delivering high quality presentation of commercial or information based content to an audience. The 'Intelligent' part of our Intelligent and Intelligent Plus range of kiosks looks at the gender of a person walking by the kiosk and changes the advertising add to reflect the gender of the person who will be walking by. Our technology therefore delivers very targeted advertsing to your audience. Our Intelligent Kiosks looks for the persons gender while our Intelligent Plus kiosks looks at the person Gender and age before delivering an advertisment.

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  • Features

    • Ability to switch between standard content and movement-triggered advertising content
    • The capability to identify the gender of the person in front of the kiosk, then target specific gender related content or advertising
    • Additional options based around the ability to identify the likely age band of the consumer.
    • Slim, 38mm profile with a black high gloss finish
    • Plays looped mp4 h.264 files or jpeg images
    • Crisp sharp 4k images with sound
    • Environmentally friendly with a low power consumption less than 70 Watts