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    Virtual Mannequin
    Developed for Milwaukee

Mini Virtual Mannequin Presenter

Client: Milwaukee

Intelligent Kiosk develops 30cm tall counter top virtual mannequin presenters for EU product launch and retail stores.

Milwaukee, the global power tool people appointed Intelligent Kiosk to design and develope several counter top mini virtaul Manniquin Presenters for a 6 month European tour to showcase their new battery technology that powers their power tools.

The brief was to develope a mini Virtual Mannequin Presenter to promote their new batteries. The units had to be tough enough to go on a European tour, also easy to use and set up for retail hardware stores.

These informative mini virtual mannequins presenters interacted with visitors who where shown and taught Milwaukee's new battery technology with the aid of 3D animations when the virtual mannequin opened his hands.

Nick, Director from Milwaukee stated "Lance, you did it again, the mini virtual presenters went down a storm in Amsterdam, they turned out a better than I expected - well done"

Lance Corley, CEO at Intelligent Kiosk - "This was an another exciting commission to work on and again developed some ground breaking technology for our mini virtual mannequin presenters. This is a worldwide 1st and are the only company producing these 30cm counter top virtual presenters using our own technology. We love these small 30cm little people!

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