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We are the leading company in developing bespoke Health and Safety induction solutions and we understand how companies have different and varied Health and Safety requirements for their induction procedures.

Using our latest technology and team of experts, we can design and build systems tailored Health & Safety Inductions for your company which are easy to use and purposeful, ensuring the correct message gets across.

Our bespoke Safety Induction are designed to deliver a consistent and accurate health safety message that your visitors will absorb and understand. Results from interactive Q and A's are logged on a database along with the visitors details that are recorded for returning visitors and future reference. Pre determined dates for safety induction renewal is programmed into the database ensuring that all visitor Health & Safety are up to date at all times.

The solutions we supply are not only functional ensuring the message is absorbed and understood they are also designed to look modern, state of the art and attractive to fit into your reception and greeting area.

Case Studies

Please read one of our Health and Safety Induction Tablet case study.
Please read one of our Health and Safety Induction Kiosk case study.

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  • Features

    • Get a consistant message with your Health & Safety inductions
    • Automatic weekly or monthly reporting to your Health and Safety Officer
    • Tracks Visitors Health and Safety Inductions
    • Most common failed Q & A Questions
    • Remote (off site) health & Safety Inductions pior to site visit
    • Environmentally friendly with a low power consumption less than 70 Watts
    • Fully customised if required